Thailand - Chiang Mai

mercredi, janvier 04, 2017

On Decembre 27th 9 O'clock, we are leaving Koh Phi Phi islands.
Sat on the front deck of the ferryboat, I take few minutes to draw Koh Phi Phi Lee where is located Maya Bay.
We were leaving Koh Phi Phi, the islands and was heading to the north, Chiang Mai.

I though about all these great moments we had :
Swimming in the warm seas, discovering Maya Bay, doing snorkling, Diving from the Thai boat front deck to admire the fishes with all these beautifull colors.
All the great Thai meals we had. Hiking inside Koh Phi Phi island.
The shore moves away. I draw another quick sketch
On the boat, I drunk a beer, smoked two cigarettes, listen carefully the conversation betwenne the french girls sat beside of me. Then I talked to them and made a portrait of both of them. I gave them their protrait at the end of the crossing and we exchanged our addresses.
Chiang Mai arrival
Karou Lotus Boutique Hotel

I booked an hôtel outside of the squared city. One of the cheapest with a swimming pool. I chose this one beacause there was a lot of plants on the photos I saw on the Net.
The owner was a Singapourian oddly called "Bernard". He was very nice and brought us to the airport the last day.

Every morning we had to chose between a Thai breakfast or an American one. I always took the American. It was good, two fried eggs, two toasts, butter and jam, sausages and ham, and a few slices of fruits.

You can see our room on the drawing. The lowest facing the pool at the second floor.

We were hardly in our room, but visiting the city, having long diner at night while drawing.
We also had laundry service in this hôtel. That was so cheap.

The only drawback of this place was the cars and motorbikes noise at night because the hostel is close to a main street, especially the motorbike noise. It seems that some Thai people have their motorbike engine customized, and in that case, it produces a terrible noise.
One night, I heard for a long time, a lot of people laughing loudly downstairs. Some people seemed to have, obviously, a lot of fun. I finished by take a glance through the window to figure out what was going on.
I then witnessed a strange scene. All the hostel staff, around 5 6 people was standing, fully clothed, in the middle of the swimming pool, laughing, and the boss was taking a picture of them.

Thai people are happy people. I witnessed several scene during this trip where I saw people having a lot of fun, even the monks. I will talk again about that later.

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